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Welcome to the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson (CWCH), located at our office in Hudson, Ohio. We are the Cuyahoga Falls chiropractor you have been looking for!

Every patient who enters our office is sure to get the holistic care they need for their health and well-being to improve. For those patients with injuries, ongoing pain, reduced balance, or recurring health issues such as migraines, CWCH provides corrective care customized to you.

We give our patients the top-notch care they deserve. That care includes a large list of all the chiropractic services you could need including chiropractic adjustments, prenatal chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, animal chiropractic, active release technique (ART), and more.

We also offer several modalities to use after your adjustment depending on your personal health goals and needs. Our chiropractic assistants and health professionals will assist you with one or several of our modalities including dry needling, cupping, Hypervolt massage gun, electrical stimulation, HyperVibe vibration plate, Kinesiology tape, foam rolling, and specific stretches or workouts all to help stretch, strengthen, or relax your muscles and spine.

On top of all that we provide other holistic health services in the downstairs of our building like massage therapy, reiki, and a more robust workout area. We have everything you need to offer full-service Cuyahoga Falls Chiropractic Care.

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Here at your Cuyahoga Falls chiropractic clinic, we take a very holistic approach to health and well-being. This means we don’t just factor in your physical ailments but also your mental and dietary health.

That is because the mind and body are inherently connected, often pain or other signs of problems that appear either physically or mentally are caused by a combination of those factors, including diet, sleep, mental health, and others. Looking at just one would be only seeing a small part of the full picture.

That is why we offer solutions like nutrition services where we both sell and recommend dietary supplements and regimens based upon System Strength analysis from muscle tests conducted during your chiropractor Cuyahoga Falls Ohio adjustment. We also muscle test our patients for common deficiencies, food intolerances, and emotional support during your nutritional session.

As a Cuyahoga Falls chiropractor, we also provide services like massage therapy which has a whole host of physical benefits such as improved flexibility, posture, joint mobility, joint range of motion, chronic pain relief, and even speeds up muscle recovery time. Additionally, massage assists more mental stresses by reducing depression, anxiety, and stress, and promotes better sleep and relaxation.

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Chiropractic care doesn’t just benefit those who have muscle or joint pain, chiropractic care benefits everyone regardless of age and health. Even for children as young as infants, chiropractic care is both safe and encouraged.

Child chiropractic care, known as Pediatric chiropractic, can help infants recover after birth, ease colic symptoms, improve sleep, and more. These adjustments are so gentle that many times, babies hardly notice.

We all know how full of energy kids are and how they often engage in physical activities. Having falls and bumps in sports and during everyday activities can add up. Pediatric care can help their growing bones by boosting their immune system, providing support, and assisting overall well-being. Cuyahoga Falls chiropractic care ensures your children live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We take pride in being a recognized Cuyahoga Falls chiropractic clinic. The doctors and health specialists on our team are dedicated to your success in meeting your health goals. We want to give our patients a relaxing and healing experience from the moment they enter our doors.

When you enter our Hudson facility, you’ll be greeted by one of our patient care coordinators at the front desk. They will get you checked in and you will start your journey towards holistic well-being.

After just a single session, you’ll see why people say we are the best chiropractor Cuyahoga Falls Ohio has to offer. People online are searching for the “best chiropractor near me”, and we hope that you’ve found that here at the CWCH.

Our entire team is like one large family of experienced health professionals and deeply caring individuals. We want you to feel better both about your body and about yourself. Holistic well-being is a journey, and wherever you are along that path we are here to help.

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