Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson

ION* is a beloved favorite and daily routine for the whole Bue family.

Unlike other supplements, ION* Gut Support helps the body naturally bolster its own defenses from within, boosting everything from daily digestion to critical immune function. That kind of holistic support is especially important to Alex and Jennifer, as they, like so many parents, try to find the right balance of ensuring their kids have the healthiest start possible–while still being able to be kids.


Our mission at CWCH is to provide the highest quality of alternative healthcare possible. We pride ourselves on treating each patient as an individual and formulating each treatment plan to that patient’s specific needs. Our passion is to not only provide the highest quality of care in the office but also to educate our patients on how to maintain optimal health and well-being while outside the office.


At CWCH we believe in looking at the body as a whole. In order to reach optimal health and functionality it’s important to look at all components: structural, emotional, and nutritional. We have the expertise to address and treat all of these areas to make sure the mind and body have the strongest potential to heal.


The Doctors at The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson have an incredible passion for helping others feel the best they possibly can. They truly care about the health and well-being of all of their patients and thrive on seeing people meet their optimal potential.

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