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Welcome to the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson (CWCH), your full-service local chiropractic office with an array of chiropractic and wellness services. We service the community of Twinsburg from our office in Hudson.

Our list of holistic chiropractic services includes customized chiropractic adjustments, as well as more specialized care like pediatric chiropractic, prenatal chiropractic, active release technique (ART), animal chiropractic, and more. No matter your health goals or your current health issues, We will make sure you get the custom care you need.

Whereas our doctors in Twinsburg Ohio see patients on one side of the office, the other side is dedicated to our wellness modalities. Some of these are machines like the HyperVolt massage gun, HyperVibe vibration plate, and the Hydromassage bed, others are more simple stretches and workouts, along with more specialized techniques like cupping, dry needling, kinesiology tape, and electrical stimulation.

Furthermore, in the basement of our office is a dedicated space for a few more services we provide including massage therapy, reiki, and a gym for workouts. At The CWCH we have everything you could need to live your best life and feel like the best you. Experience the chiropractor Twinsburg Ohio has been needing.

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Our Holistic Approach To Twinsburg Pediatrics

Child chiropractic care, called pediatric chiropractic, is not only very safe for children but encouraged. Dr. Jen and Dr. Alex, two of our chiropractic doctors in Twinsburg Ohio, regularly bring in their own children for adjustments. Twinsburg Pediatrics chiropractic can have many benefits for children as young as infants.

Pediatric chiropractic care assists infants by allowing them to recover from birth more easily, ease their colic symptoms and fussiness, and improve sleep, reflux, ear infections, etc. These adjustments are very gentle, about the strength used to check the ripeness of an avocado.

Throughout their day, kids have numerous bumps and falls in their physically active childhood. Pediatric care can help strengthen their growing bones to allow for better support from these falls, boost their immune system, provide integral support, and allow them to keep moving all day long.

Chiropractic care is for everyone, regardless of age or circumstance. If your child needs Twinsburg pediatrics, click below to schedule their new patient session at our Hudson office.

Your health matters to us, that’s why we structure our methods based on a holistic approach. That is, taking your full health in mind when meeting your wellness goals including your mental, physical, and dietary needs.

With this in mind, we offer nutrition services at our office to support your dietary health needs. This includes offering items like supplements and vitamins for sale. We muscle test using system strength analysis to make nutrition recommendations, as well as test patients for common deficiencies, food intolerances, and emotional support.

Our massage therapy services not only have incredible physical effects like improving sleep, posture, and chronic pain relief, but they also vastly contribute to your mental health by reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

Welcome to the CWCH family where your well-being is a priority. Call a chiropractor Twinsburg Ohio at 330.656.1977 to begin your journey to a better you.