CWCH Has The Best Chiropractors in Kent

The Finest Chiropractor Kent Has To Offer

The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson (CWCH), provides extensive Kent chiropractic care services at our office in Hudson, Ohio. We love serving our Kent, Ohio patients!

We offer customized, holistic care so that every patient who comes into our building leaves healthier and feeling better. Whether you come in with injuries, reduced balance, ongoing pain, or migraines, we’ll provide you with the necessary care to improve your well-being.

One of the many things that makes us stand out is our very long list of Chiropractic and wellness services that we offer. Our outstanding chiropractic care includes not only chiropractic adjustments but also specialized care such as pediatric chiropractic, prenatal chiropractic, animal chiropractic, active release technique (ART), and more.

After your Kent chiropractic adjustment, one of the doctors may recommend one or more of our modalities based on your health needs. These modalities include foam rolling, specific stretches and workouts, kinesiology tape, dry needling, cupping, a Hypervolt massage gun, a HyperVibe vibration plate, a Hydromassage bed, electrical stimulation, and much more. Our team of chiropractic assistants will help assist you with these modalities and machines to help you relax, strengthen, or stretch your spine and muscles.

We provide even more to our patients should it be a part of their health goals or on one of our doctor’s recommendations. In the basement of our office, we offer a few other specialized services for the mind and body such as massage therapy, reiki, and a larger workout area. Everything you could need for your chiropractic Kent journey is available to you at The CWCH.

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The Kent Chiropractor You’ve Been Looking For

At CWCH, we are one big family. Dr. Jen and Dr. Alex, two of our chiropractors in Kent, often bring in their three kids to get adjusted. Child chiropractic, called pediatric chiropractic, has a host of benefits for children even as young as infants. Pediatric chiropractic is not only safe but encouraged for children.

For infants pediatric chiropractic care can help them recover after birth, ease colic symptoms and fussiness, reflux, improve sleep, ear infections, etc. These adjustments can be so gentle that many babies hardly notice.

Kids are full of energy and oftentimes have all sorts of falls and bumps both during everyday play and sports. Pediatric care can help support their growing bones. This in turn boosts their immune system, provides integral support, and makes sure they can function at their best.

Chiropractic Kent care is for everyone regardless of age, pain, or health. Click below to schedule your new patient session at our location in Hudson!

We take pride in being a part of a team of recognized chiropractors in Kent. The experienced doctors and health specialists on our staff, are committed to your well-being and health success. We’ve specifically designed our space to give our patients a sense of calm and well-being from the moment they enter our office.

You will find one of our patient care coordinators greeting you warmly as you enter. They will check you in and if it is your first time they will talk you through what to expect from your adjustment with a Kent chiropractor.

After your adjustment and any modalities the doctor recommends, you will feel one step closer to reaching your optimal health. After your first visit to CWCH, you’ll see why our patients say we are the best chiropractor Kent has to offer.

Top Quality Kent Chiropractic Care

We approach meeting our client’s health goals at the CWCH from a holistic mindset. Meaning that when we are improving your well-being we don’t just look at your physical health, but also things like your mental and dietary health.

Looking at your health holistically allows us to see the full picture. We won’t just treat your symptoms, we’ll improve your overall well–being. We maintain as the holistic chiropractor Kent has been looking for.

That approach is why we also provide solutions like our nutrition services. During your adjustment, we use System Strength analysis from muscle tests to recommend supplements, vitamins, and other items for sale at our office. We also muscle test for food intolerances, common deficiencies, and emotional support while in your nutrition session.

We also offer massage therapy services as a Kent chiropractor to improve both mental and physical health. Physically massage has been known to improve flexibility, posture, joint mobility, joint range of motion, and chronic pain relief, while mentally it can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress, and improve sleep.

Our team at CWCH is one large family and we would love for you to be a part of it. To feel better and begin your chiropractic Kent wellness journey today call 330.656.1977 to schedule your new patient session.