The Top Chiropractor Aurora Ohio Has To Give

The Finest Aurora Chiropractic Care

The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson (CWCH) offers extensive Aurora chiropractic care services at our Hudson, Ohio location. Many of our staff even live in the Aurora area.

We provide holistic care that is customized to every patient to meet their individual health goals and needs. If you have injuries, reduced balance, migraines ongoing pain, or are even relatively healthy, there is still much to be gained by seeing a chiropractor and improving your well-being.

At CWCH we have a long list of Aurora family chiropractic and wellness services offered to our patients. We don’t merely offer our own customized chiropractic adjustments, but also more specialized services like animal chiropractic, prenatal chiropractic, active release technique (ART), and pediatric chiropractic.

We also provide a large number of wellness modalities depending on what the chiropractor in Aurora recommends after your session. These modalities vary widely from the Hypervolt massage, gun, HyperVibe vibration plate, and hydromassage bed to dry needling, cupping, electrical stimulation, kinesiology tape, and specific assisted stretches and workouts. There are several more and we are getting new modalities all the time, so come to our office and try one out for yourself to strengthen, stretch, or relax your spine and muscles.

Additionally, in the basement of our office, we have a dedicated space for a few other services including our calming massage therapy, reiki, and a larger, more robust workout area. We have everything you could need to progress your health goals all in one place with our chiropractor Aurora Ohio.

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The Aurora Chiropractor You’ve Been Looking For

All the doctors at CWCH are constantly learning and growing as chiropractors and health professionals, learning new techniques and strategies to bring their patients to their optimal health. One technique in particular that several of our doctors have spent a lot of time honing is the Webster technique.

Dr. Jen and Dr. Lexie are both certified in the Webster technique, which is a prenatal chiropractic technique used to assist mothers both during and after pregnancy. Getting an Aurora chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy has been shown to assist the environment for proper fetal position, help relieve pain in the lower back and pubic areas, as well as support an easier and natural birth. We recommend starting care as soon as possible as the presence of the hormone relaxin during pregnancy contributes to sacral instability.

After you’ve given birth, you may come in for regular adjustments with a chiropractor in Aurora as soon as you’ve been released from your doctor or when you are feeling comfortable. After labor, Aurora Family Chiropractic Care will realign your spine to allow your body to more easily recover. Dr. Jen and Dr. Lexie are very passionate about helping women with the birthing process and allowing them and their babies to be healthy and happy throughout.

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, click below to schedule your new patient session at our Hudson location!

When you enter our beautiful office, you’ll be warmly greeted by one of our patient care coordinators at the front desk. They will get you checked in and will talk you through what to expect if it is your first time with us. Your first adjustment with an Aurora chiropractor is a rewarding experience.

After your adjustment and any other modalities the doctor recommends, you will feel on your way to becoming a better healthier you. We hope after your first visit you’ll see why our patients say we are the best chiropractor Aurora Ohio has to offer.

The Holistic Chiropractor in Aurora

At CWCH, we structure meeting our client’s health goals from a holistic mindset. This means that we take a full-circle approach, looking at all the factors that contribute to your health including physical, mental, and dietary health.

Taking this approach is why we also offer nutrition services. We have many different nutrition items like vitamins and supplements available for sale at our office. We use System Strength analysis from muscle tests to make nutrition recommendations, as well as test for food intolerances, emotional support, and common deficiencies.

As an Aurora chiropractor, we also provide massage therapy to improve your holistic health. Massage is highly effective for your overall health because it improves posture, flexibility, joint mobility, range of motion, and chronic pain relief. It also provides mental benefits like reduced depression, anxiety, stress, and improved sleep.

Your well-being is our priority and our whole team is passionate about you feeling your best. Welcome to the Aurora family chiropractic community at The CWCH, to begin your wellness journey call 330.656.1977 to schedule your new patient session today!