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Chiropractic Adjustments are so important but don’t forget about Nutrition!!

By : on : November 3, 2016 comments : (Comments Off on Chiropractic Adjustments are so important but don’t forget about Nutrition!!)

Eating proper nutrition on a regular basis is imperative to allow your body to do all of the things you need/want it to do daily, weekly, yearly, through your lifetime! It’s important we eat whole foods (fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts/seeds) to nourish and fuel us rather than processed food/packaged foods that tend to be full of chemicals, preservatives, and junk that can make us feel bloated, tired, foggy headed, constipated, etc! While grocery shopping, I always advise my patients to stay on the outer edges of the store because they contain more of the whole foods and fresh produce instead of the inner rows where most of the long shelf life foods are located and are most likely loaded with preservatives!

Eating organic when possible is ideal to make sure you’re not getting any genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) or toxic chemicals on your foods. These GMO’s are causing an alarming amount of issues for people and because they haven’t been around very long we don’t truly know the extent of what they are really doing to our bodies, organs, brains, etc. It’s quite scary! Frozen organic produce is a good way to get organic and not worry about it going bad too fast. It’s even more crucial to make sure your meats are from a good source and always organic otherwise you run the risk of added hormones and antibiotics. Some farmers give their cattle growth hormones so they produce extra meat and milk. These hormones are then passed to those who consume this meat and/or milk! This can cause hormonal issues, gut flora imbalance, early menses in young girls, the list goes on. Ideally, finding a local farmer and talking to them about how they raise their cattle and confirming that they do not use these hormones/antibiotics is the way to go!

Eating proper nutrition will also help to maintain your musculoskeletal health! Proper nutrition keeps you at a healthy weight which keeps unnecessary pressure off the joints. When you’re fueling your body with whole foods it will also prevent inflammatory processes in the body or keep inflammatory levels at a minimum which can really benefit those that suffer from aching joints, arthritis, or essentially pain anywhere in the body! Headaches and migraines can also be caused from lack of nutrition or hidden chemicals in our foods. Aspartame is a chemical found in a lot of diet products that can cause headaches and does a lot of damage to the body. It’s important that you make sure these chemicals/preservatives are not in the foods you put in your body.

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