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Our mission at CWCH is to provide the highest quality of alternative healthcare possible. We pride ourselves on treating each patient as an individual and formulating each treatment plan to that patient’s specific needs. Our passion is to not only provide the highest quality of care in the office but also to educate our patients on how to maintain optimal health and well-being while outside the office.




At CWCH we believe in looking at the body as a whole. In order to reach optimal health and functionality it’s important to look at all components: structural, emotional, and nutritional. We have the expertise to address and treat all of these areas to make sure the mind and body have the strongest potential to heal.


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The Doctors at The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson have an incredible passion for helping others feel the best they possibly can. They truly care about the health and well-being of all of their patients and thrive on seeing people meet their optimal potential.



CWCH Services


At The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson, we offer many state of the art services to meet your ...


We utilize System Strength Analysis to muscle test the body to check the energized state of the sys...

Active Release Technique

ART is considered The Gold Standard in soft tissue treatment. It was created and continues to be de...

Massage Therapy

CWCH is proud to offer Massage Therapy in our Lower Level: The Wellness Center at CWCH. Please call ...

Active Rehabilitation

At CWCH, our Chiropractic Assistants work one on one with our patients to over home care, exercises,...

Personal Training

Our personal trainer’s goal is to help clients achieve their goal whether it be a weight loss...


Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient Japanese healing technique meaning “Universal Life Force Energy.” ...

Animal Chiropractic

Dr. Alexander Bue studied at ACES (Animal Chiropractic Education Services) where he graduated in Ap...

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)

Your body has two priorities: to breathe and to move. To perform at our best, we need to do both pro...



Our Doctors / CHIROPRACTIC Physicians

Our physicians are the front-end drive to carry the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson to its potential. They’re the face of the company–and the trusted hand-selected individuals that you deserve. While they keep up on the latest methods and service techniques, they still find the time to maintain and grow personal relationsh...

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Behind The Scenes

Our general staff assists in maintaining the communication between the doctors and patients. They are an integral part of our team, and we’re always excited to see them push the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson to the next level....

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Dr. Alexander S. Bue


Dr. Alex uses his expertise in anatomy to look at the body from all angles and form each treatment to the patients needs. (click above for more info)

Dr. Jennifer M. Bue


Dr. Jennifer Bue believes chiropractic is important for all stages of life. She has dedicated her whole life to leading a healthy lifestyle and guiding others to do the same. (click above for more info)


I had a great visit yesterday. I spent barely any time in the waiting area, was treated quickly, felt everyone listened to the issue I had going on, and was out of there in a half hour! Everyone is courteous and extremely nice.

Deborah Hopkins

I am very happy with my visit. Using the nutritionists skills, I was met with unique technique and great attention to detail to provide advice to start with improving my health and with long term processes to maintain it. The staff is friendly and I was please that I was able to use a variety of means to get needed information to CWCH (phone, e-mail, website) to make my appointment and check in smooth and easy. Looking into other services they offer as well.

Mark Terlosky

I am thankful to have such great care. Dr. Jen is the best! I drive an hour one way to be seen. I wish it was closer, but I am glad I can make the drive.

Regina Cattell